Esoteric Reading – Open Day – 18 Feb. 2018

Esoteric Reading – Open Day – 18 Feb. 2018

Esoteric readings by 4 elements – 1 hour long – clarifies situations, give guidance and involves energetic healing of the question referred to. connect the person with the divine (Especially with Gaia and other beings of light through it).

Session held in a sitting position facing each other, is placed the topic which needs understanding, balance and healing. It begins with a small meditation of alignment, connection and harmony with the divine, with Gaia and with the tops of the patient.

Reading and the answers to the problem are received through spoken messages, by perceções, visions, emotions, and/or sensations. Can be revealed the source/origin of the problem of this or another life. Are received advice and guidance for the interested, about what you can do to improve or solve. Is brought to conscious reason of blocking to be healed, released, transformed.

Is always from the point of view of Soul and an empowerment approach for his life and your content.

Approximately 1:00 query duration

Sunday, 18 February to 15:00 – 19:00

Or Mobile: 969 696 269 (Mariana) / 963 972 387 (Sandra)

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