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Unified Quantum Healing Retreat from 28 February (Night) the 1 March.

Give yourself the opportunity to go deep into your transformation and heal your life from the inside out.

• Feel that it is urgent to feel your energy deeper?
• You have health problems and you don't know how to solve them?
• You feel you have to free old beliefs, Barriers, doubts and limitations about what you cannot do, can't be, can't have to be able to move in your life?
• You're tired of feeling energyless and life-free?
• It has negative conversations inwardly and mental and emotional programs that diminish it?
• Feel lost and want to access your intuition?
• Want to change your energy standards and not depend on the circumstances, of other, or appearances? This is the Retreat that will catapult you into your new life in which you love yourself, if heals, aligns and expands your energy to the fullest, taking time to take care of yourself.
This Unified Quantum Healing Retreat is for you are two and a half days of pure energy, healing and alignment and in it will: • Heal deeply and quickly, harmonizing body, Mind, emotions and spirit.
• Unleash trauma, Fears, anxiety and old limitations and regain your energy.
• You will experience your quantum self, its creative nature and reinvent ing your experience of reality.
• Access cellular power and change energy standards.
• Revitalize your physical energy, mental, Emotional.
• Empower yourself and create a New Self.
• Gain freedom and trust in you.
• Connect with quantum field and speak quantum language.
• Balance both brain hemispheres.
• Improve your decision-making and leadership skills.
• Feel energy autonomy.
• Feel love, joy and peace
• Activate your intuition, connection with the internal sage and rational and spiritual intelligence
• Have a sense of belonging and abundance.
• Deep insights.
• Feel truly alive.
• This change will affect your health, Relationships, Work, Finance, and the connection with the quantum field to live aligned with its life purpose.

Unified Quantum Healing has proven results and extensive experience of 20 years to support people to heal themselves and solve their life issues.

One of the most powerful things about Unified Quantum Healing is that you become a healing presence in your life and in the world, helping others and the planet too.

Susana Pink
Tel. +351 929 015 310

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