Soul and Heart Retreat

Soul and Heart Retreat

Soul and Heart Retreat
A criança interior

How many times have you felt you don't have time for yourself?
How many times do you feel exhausted, Tired, Suffocated?

So maybe this is your moment.

A spiritual retreat is no more than your own moment, To get in touch with yourself, Abstracting from the outside world, Of the hustle and bustle of daily worries, With the aim of connecting with his true essence and of looking at himself.

The development of our spiritual capacities allows us to always be in touch with our "I" and constantly receive energy and revelations. We gradually acquire such a serenity that we free ourselves from anxieties, Frustrations and antagonisms. We are in greater harmony with us which allows us to be in greater harmony with others.

What we propose during these days is the peace and tranquility necessary for this reunion with oneself.
Through meditation beyond the reduction of stress and anxiety, It is common to register a global improvement in health status and a sense of tranquility. As you tune in with your spiritual center you will discover an internal reservoir of strength and welfare.
The practices of self-knowledge and self-(Re)Discovery, Through focusing and mentalizing exercises to change rooted beliefs and patterns, Also allow us to grow and evolve. We are beings of limitless potentialities, programmed to act in a limited way. Our life is a reflection of what we deem worthy. Affirmations and visualizations are mantras that use our creative powers to make what we want to reality.

The gift of freedom that offers us spiritual work is undeniable. When we abandon certain patterns of behavior it's like we get wings, That elevate us enthusiastically by life outside. We cease to be victims of our past, of our present, And even future situations. Life is filled with options and choices.

Right, Actually, A moment to reinforce and rediscover who is truly and renew their personal power. It's a time to not "do" and just "feel", Connect and listen to your heart, Silence the mind and free itself from the everyday mooring.

Choose Yourself! Give yourself a chance! Allow yourself!


1º day – Friday
Reception and accommodation of participants and convivial dinner

2and 3rd days – Saturday and Sunday
In these two days of intense work, iremos desenvolver exercícios de conexão, cura e desenvolvimento da nossa criança interior rumo a uma realidade interna mais feliz.. Haverá inda tempo para momentos de lazer e boa disposição!

Ementa: vegetariana

Accommodation: quarto partilhado

Local do retiro: AzeitãoZen

Mais informações e inscrições através de mensagem privada ou pelos contactos: / 913 647 032 ou ainda através do site:


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