Spiritual Retreat How to Create Abundance



How many times have we wondered why scarcity in the various dimensions of our lives. We feed this energy and with that we attract more of the same, reinforcing and nurturing the inner belief that resides in our unconscious.
We want to provide you with a weekend of encounter with your power of co-creation and abundance in your life
In this Retreat we will give you the tools to be able to change your thoughts, Actions, raising your vibration and be grateful for the much that has, thinking it's little. So often we cry and feel injustice at the lack of financial abundance and challenges in terms of relationships, Work, Friendships, Etc...
They knew that thanking and flowing is a bridge to abundance?
They knew that sharing multiplies what we have?
They will be 2 full days of reconnection and energy realignment and conscious evolution of the.

Facilitator: Sandra Ferreira

1 journey within us always in tune with the heart, with angels and with our power of co-creation and our divine essence
The chosen location is in the Zen Azeitão Space (35 m from Lisbon). We facilitate transportation, if necessary.

The Retreat will be experiential and with the proposal :

Friday day 20 March 2010 2020

20:15: Reception
20:30 Hrs: Dinner
22 Hrs: Angelica Meditation with Saint Germain and Archangel Michael : The main purpose of this beautiful meditation is precisely to strengthen our connection to Gaia, purifying the link that unites us to this wonderful planet, stimulating the activation of our Earth Star Chakra. The benefits are healing and vigor of the physical body, well with the development of a spirituality anchored on earth, environmental awareness and feeling of personal and global responsibility... This resonates in your heart?

Saturday day 21 March 2010 2020

9:30 Hrs: Breakfast
10:30 Hrs: Lecture: The power of numbers in your life
12: 30 Hrs : Vegetarian lunch
14: 00 Hrs: Shamanic Ritual ( The 4 elements, Empowerment)
15 hrs to 16:30 Hrs: Range to enjoy nature, Rest.
16:30 Hrs: Snack
17: 30 Hrs. Meditation on Prosperity and Abundance, how to start implementing tools in your life that will lead to inner change and a conscious view of your Self, attracting prosperity and abundance.
19:30 Hrs: Vegetarian dining
21:30 Hrs: Sound Healing Meditative Concert ( Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs and Drums, Among others) with Rui Louro

Sunday day 22 March 2010 2020

9:30 Hrs: Breakfast
10:30 Hrs: Stretching and breathing session
12:30 Hrs: Vegetarian lunch
15:30 Hrs: Osho Dynamic Meditation - Unleashes all accumulated tensions and energies, allowing the deep connection of your being

17 Hrs: Closing of the circle of abundance and surprise activity of gratitude

Inscription: 50 Abundances
Accommodation 2 nights+ meals and activities: 195€
Registration and more information through: rituaisdebemestar@gmail.com
Contacto: 914238878


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