Zen Therapy - Yoga

Yoga or yoga, means control, join. Is a term of Sanskrit origin, a language present in India, especially in Hindu religion.

Yoga is a philosophy, working the body and the mind, with exercises and meditation practices. There are several branches of yoga, as and each of them has different actions and activities to work with individuals.


Zen Therapy - Pilates

Pilates is a method of stretching and exercise that uses the body's own weight in your implementation.

It is a technique of movement reeducation, composed of deeply grounded in exercises human anatomy, able to restore and increase flexibility and muscle strength, improve breathing, correct posture and prevent injuries.


Zen Therapy - Shiatsu

Shiatsu means, literally, “finger pressure” (Shi = finger and Atsu= pressure or contact).

A form of manipulation applied with the thumbs, fingers and palms, It consists of applying pressure in certain points and areas of the body with the aim of correcting internal dysfunctions, promote health and treat specific diseases.


Zen Therapy - Tibetan Singing Bowls

Are glasses made based on twelve metal alloys(Gold, Silver, copper) you're supposed to have your shaman culture origin, pre- Himalayan Buddhist. Currently are produced in NEPAL and INDIA.

Used for massage: causes the cells of the body come into resonance with the different vibrations of sound bowls, releasing the energy blockages and at the same time promoting your your vital balance harmonisation and. Their beneficial effects:

  • Calms anxiety, insecurity and agitation;
  • Reduces stress, fatigue and inducing deep relaxation;
  • Stimulates organic functions;
  • Balances the energetic body and harmonizes the chakras;
  • Increases creativity, the concentration and the ability to action;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Improves sense of self-esteem and confidence;


Zen Therapy - Mandalas

Mandala means circle in Word Sanskrit.

Mandala also has other meanings, as magic circle or energy concentration, and universally the mandala is the symbol the integration and of the harmony.


Zen Therapy - Chart

The chart is a graphical representation of the skies at the exact moment of your birth.

To assemble the map, some calculations are needed that are based on the date, time and place where he was born. The data must be accurate because a few minutes can significantly change the General configuration of the map.

The map shows the positions of the stars within the zodiac signs

The chart provides information on their basic capabilities, how your personality traits, natural abilities, trends, etc.


Zen Therapy - Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual practice that is based on the belief in the existence of universal life energy “Ki”, manipulated by the laying on of hands.

The word Reiki means “mysterious atmosphere” and is a combination of two Japanese characters – EU. that means “Divine” and KI that means “vital energy”.

The Reiki practitioner believes power channel the energy through their higher cognitive centers, radiating it by your hands up to the receiver via the laying on of hands in the shape of two shells, restoring the natural balance between body, mind and spirit.